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PostSubject: Runestones   Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:38 pm

The runic alphabet is known as Futhark which was derived from German origins used by citizens of Northern Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and Iceland from the 3rd century to the 16-17th century AD.

The Nordic Rune Symbols

There are 24 symbols in a Nordic Rune Set including the blank rune, which is usually counted as the Divine Intervention Runeā€¦.

Fehu - fay-who
Element Earth, Fire- Rune Number 1 - Colour - Light Red

profitable and materialistic goals in mind, victory, success, triumph, wealth, joy, beginnings and a positive mindset, dependent on the rune symbol at the time, the message may change for whomever is sitting.

Its connected to Fertility, which brings in new inspiration and action for a new beginning

Reversed:- can indicate lack of wealth, lack of inspiration, sacrifice to be made in terms of materialistic things, decision making, loss of personal power, etc

This particular rune Fehu used to represent the wild cattle and the animals, so this is more of a survival instinctive rune reliant on the astuteness of knowing where to survive and how to approach a realistic knowledge of survival, it also brings in new hope and additional connections to new beginnings, lease of life, a new chapter with dreams and a new perspective on living for manifesting the materialistic focuses within our lives to continue in the direction from the past.

Uruz - Rune - Oo-Ruse - Element - Earth, Water
Number - 2 - colour - green-

Life force, diligence, Stamina, courage, self-healing, manifestation, purification, freedom, courage, will, determination, agility, taking responsibility, in charge

Reversed- Inconsistency, tenacity, Inconstancy, ignorance, Aggression, Anger, Irritation, Misdirection, Stuck In A Rut

When Fehu is reflective on the survival indistinctive exploration, Uruz is symbolic of power, it talks wisely of testing strengths and agility to move forward, bringing with it the much needed lessons in stamina, self-healing, and with true will power and courage; may we remain steadfast in the eye of a storm.
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