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 Runes And Their Wisdom - The 24 Runes

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PostSubject: Runes And Their Wisdom - The 24 Runes   Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:37 pm

In Preparation To Work With The Runes

Intention ~ Intention is always key to working with any type of tool that is used to divine, scry, determine the message or meaning beyond every consciousness of the runes themselves. Every rune has a presence or an energy that could be called the spirit of the rune, particularly if you are working with wooden runes or with crystal ones. Some people might find that they work best with witches runes-which are a different matter of symbols entirely.

It is best to keep your intention positive while working with any rune stone set for as long as you intention is positive and that you get to know them as much as possible so if that means carrying them around with you so as to ensure your energy is connected to the set of runes or sleeping with them beneath your pillow in a velvet pouch, that is left up to you to find a way to connect with the set of runes.

To clear them as well- many different runes may teach you different ways of clearing, as well. For example, if with witches runes, the consciousness of energy surrounding the symbolisms of the runes may prefer you to use the clearing of the moon because many people in the path of witchery prefer to work with the moon and its healing properties for cleansing.
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Runes And Their Wisdom - The 24 Runes
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