A Warm Welcome Home To SpiritLights ~ We are a new found study haven for all navigating their journey through life. If you are a firm believer in the Spirit World, and working with your intuition to help other people, then welcome to our new home. All seekers are welcome to sign up but our chatroom(s), but users to receive a reading or a healing session from one of our team must be over 18 years old.


An open study haven for all on the mystic, all seekers and believers welcome.
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 SpiritLight's Guidelines

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PostSubject: SpiritLight's Guidelines   Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:21 pm

SpiritLights is a friendly new positively-focused Awareness study group for all knowledge pertaining to the path of work with spirit and of intuition, the mystical path. We feel that by focusing on the positives in our lives and by reflecting back on the life lessons when we need to reflect back, we believe that we can learn how to help ourselves in a positive catalyst to change. And if we can’t change it; then we strive to trust in our intuition and leave it be!
In our group, we hope that you will feel accepted, welcomed into our circle with a non-judgemental perspective and that you will feel at ease among our family and friend(s) and acquaintances, all of which have been searching for somewhere to call home and by finding a home here in our group, may give them a new perspective on their horizons and a new lease of life. We welcome anyone with an existing group also who wants to unite and team up with us, so that we can work together to make a difference. The news feed in our opinion is truly there for everyone to share, not just the select audience. So we do welcome anyone who wants to affiliate with us or unite, they can do so and the founder can link your group to ours. Everyone is more than welcome to join our group, all the more the merrier!
We strive to help other people to the best of our ability, whether or not it’d be through giving and receiving messages from spirit - our loved ones in spirit - and angels connecting through our listening ear on this day, or whether it is conducting a distant healing session through visualization and by moments of quiet solitude and meditation, we aim to help others that approach us first in a genuine way with genuine intentions only.

What to expect on entry to our group?
On admittance to our new study group of knowledge, we hope that you are mindful of our only one guideline which is firmly set in stone guideline for there to be no egos and no drama, thus leading to no negativity. We are not in this path to create it, nor are we in this path to focus on it. Should it come down to it- we will not turn a blind eye to it, but we also will not let it cloud our vision that we have for this group to continue.
Our intentions for this group is entirely  positive and harmonious for all that find us and who wish to join us, regardless of race, background, creed, colour, gender, path, etc. A peaceful haven for all to work and practice in, should you wish and choose to do so. Respect is key for this group to work.

   Respect for all and path(s) included and the people that lead them.
   Keep a clear and open mind:- You’ll come across people in this group that may make you think twice- it is best not to judge at all as you don’t know the full side of the story.
   Think positive - positive thinking and positive but genuine intention- always.
   True friendship - Be yourself and nobody else. Don’t try to take on another’s path. Find your own!
   No Egos- No egos, no drama - you are more than welcome to do your own thing, we will do ours!
   Confidentiality- Always key between friends and acquaintances, especially when you are reading for someone or healing for them- keep the trust between you both.
   Don’t test us! - We are trusting in our intuition, we are learning on this path like you are - nobody particularly likes to be put under a spotlight!
   Share anything you like, whether its knowledge, or an experience. More than welcome to participate!
   A sense of humor is welcome at times and banter is always welcome, but know the balance from when to be serious to do with work.

Stormfaerie reserves the right to amend SpiritLight's guidelines if need arises.
Last Amended Tuesday 19th December 2017
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SpiritLight's Guidelines
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