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 The Wolf Totem

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PostSubject: The Wolf Totem   Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:59 pm

For all of you wolf totem people out there, this post is for you!

A wolf that stares silently at the moon, lifts his head to howl a mournful tune, one that speaks loudly of loss and sorrow, but brings in hope for a new tomorrow....

The wolf is the pathfinder and the teacher and brings us a new yearning for a new direction within us all. If we are treading into a new chapter with a new lease of life then chances are we are seeking within ourselves to find wisdom and answers. People with this totem are family orientated and minded with kin, memories are cherished and little ones protected. Wolf is also not only the hunter, tracker, but also the warrior. With the ability to survive as a warrior, he or she is the one that soldiers on sometimes with the whole world on his shoulders.

People with this totem are instinct based and tend to rely on their intuition, and often people in need of trusting others, wolf will approach, to steer you to move forward in the new direction that's right for you! Trust is earned, not given freely. Wolf guides can appear when the trust is needed to be built within yourselves, if a situation has arisen and there has been lack of trust and hindsight is not so easily seen or interpreted, wolf appears to teach us about foresight, personal power, balance and self-control and our own intuitive insights. Sometimes we will overlook the gifts and triggers that nature has to offer in terms of fresh communication and a fresh outlook on communicating the correct messages across- wisdom for today is don't overlook what may not be entirely obvious but just be consciously aware of what's around you, for you never know you might miss an opportunity if its not slipping already through your fingertips!
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The Wolf Totem
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