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 Grounding Journey

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PostSubject: Grounding Journey   Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:54 pm

A grounding exercise

Place your feet firmly on the floor of the room which you are in. draw in a deep breath in to relax, then out, to release the tension. In for four counts, 1,2,3,4, and out for four counts, 1,2,3,4. Become aware of your breathing as you breathe naturally, receding in and out like the waves of a gentle sea tide that laps the golden white sands of the shore.

Visualise yourself walking along that shore now, taking in everything. Absorbing the surroundings as though you are really there, because, well, in your awareness, you are truly there and present absorbing this lovely scene.

As you visualise yourself walking along the sandy beach, you turn your focus to the cluster of green trees that grace the horizon line, marking the threshold from the shoreline to the sea. Once you reach that cluster of trees, you walk within to sense the energy about you, the crunching of the leaves and twigs that crackle underfoot; and before you as you make your way down the stone-slabbed pathway; you come to a beautiful green clearing in the middle of this forest.

This green clearing is also full of energy and vibrant in colour, which is actually healing and nourishing. So sit yourself down beside a tree of your choice and feel, become at one with its energy. Take a moment to introduce yourself to the tree either by hugging it or just naturally introducing yourself to its vibration and asking to share some of its vitalised energy with your own to replenish your own.

Visualise the tree roots entwining around your feet, as you firmly place it onto solid ground, visualise them descending further down into the ground, into the earth, so that they slide downwards pushing forth the rocks, pebbles, and layers of soil as to what you might find there, underground. Visualise them going deep so that they anchor your energies into the present reality of now. Visualise a beautiful golden column of earth energy ascending up from the centre of earth, and visualise a beautiful beam of white light descending from the universal heart of the universe,, and know where both these two beams meet is your  centre point, which you can visualise a miniature version of you standing in the centre of these two light columns and see it centering your energies.
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Grounding Journey
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