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 Tree Wisdom

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PostSubject: Tree Wisdom   Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:17 pm

Its a rather frosty wintry morning and you are feeling cozily snug under the blankets in your home with the fire blazing in front of you complete with a mug of coffee or a cup of tea and a book opened fully with a bookmark between its pages.

And out of the corner of your line of sight in your peripheral vision, you begin to take notice of the formation of tree’s branches gradually showing you shapes, initials, patterns, names, and you find yourself linking in at this point to the tree’s energy of consciousness.

The consciousness itself is a peaceful down to earthly one, there’s nothing nefarious about this tree’s energy. You are feeling entirely at one at this point with observing the tree’s energy as it unfolds to you its own inner wisdom and inner vision.

Tree wisdom is by far the easier way of determining messages that may link with situation(s) and other people around you. It may be that there is something to be shown to you rather than heard, or said. That this is a new way of working for you and with you and your awareness.

Trees may whisper on the wind messages of steadfast knowledge that is needed to be heard. Or they may have the capability of showing you what’s needed to be heard as was the case this morning.

Different trees however will teach you different things; for example, this tree that I was working with in amazement today was a Yew tree.

The Yew tree symbolizes positive changes of transformation and rebirth in belief, mustering the courage to continue the path in order of a consistency to keep going and persevering with what we are doing. As long as we are genuine; then nobody can hold a candle to us and our work.

The Yew Tree shows protection against maliciousness in communication and brings back the element of hope which explains that all is not lost. Yew tree consciousnesses are very much helpful for when dream-work is taken into consideration as it heightens psychic and intuitive abilities and also works with very old magic, particularly is great for making runes and wands with as well as it is indeed a wood of protection.

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Tree Wisdom
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